Delivering workshops

Delivering workshops

We train researchers and managers in communication skills: media, presentations, writing, social media, photography, engagement, and strategy.

Since 1992, we have developed, piloted and run hundreds of communication skills workshops for researchers across the world.

Workshops available

The following standard workshops are available, but more often than not we design the workshop to suit the specific needs of our clients and workshop participants.

What you get

How long does a workshop take?

Most workshops run over 1 or 2 days.

The 2-day workshop gives you more time to develop and practise your skills.

Writing for the reader workshops can be run over 1 to 3 days.

Tailoring a workshop to your needs

We can combine or restructure our workshops to meet the needs of your group.

Who runs the workshops?

We have been running communication skills workshops across Australia since 1992, with consistently positive feedback.

All our workshop presenters work in close daily contact with scientists, researchers and journalists.

Every workshop is evaluated

At the end of each workshop, we provide participants with an evaluation sheet to complete. We compile the scores that the participants rate various aspects of the workshop. We provide these to our clients, along with unedited participant comments about highlights and suggestions for improvement.

We always receive positive feedback, averaging a rating of 6.4 out of a possible 7 for participant satisfaction.

Project examples

For the last 4 years we have worked with the World Science Festival to run specially tailored communication workshops for entrants of the Queensland Women in STEM prize. We provide training on communicating clear messages and tips on making short videos, giving participants the skills to confidently apply for the prize.

“Great opportunity to develop communication skills. Loved the opportunity to receive feedback.”

“This course helped me to structure my message, tips on good quality video and focus on what really matters to the public.”

We work closely with the Queensland Office of the Chief Scientist tailoring workshops to meet the needs of Queensland’s researchers. Workshops include Leveraging Social Media, Blogging for Beginners, and How To Tell Your Science in a Video.

“Engaging and interactive presentation style, good tips and discussion.”

“Going through apps and tips to working social media platforms in a more professional manner, and to get added reach.”

We run the Fresh Science competition in Queensland which delivers media-savvy early-career researchers. For the last 3 years, we have secured sponsorship from the Queensland  Government and three Queensland universities to run this project, which includes media skills training for the 10 finalists and a chance to present at a popular evening event for the public.

“Workshops like this should be made compulsory for all scientists!”

“Working with the consultants was great. It really has boosted my confidence to connect with journalists. I have a better feel for what they are looking for.”

We ran a one-day media skills workshop (March 2019) for ecologists, chemists and engineers at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). Participants gave the workshop an overall score of 6.3 out of 7, and typical comments about workshop highlights were:

“Exposure to active reporters and their perspectives. Active participation in interviews.”

“Great day of training – relaxed and informative.”

We ran a one-day tailored writing-skills workshop for scientists from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in north Queensland (June 2019). Overall, they rated the workshop as 6.4 out of 7, and made the following typical comments about workshop highlights:

“Content was very relevant and exercises were very practical.”

“Interactive, relaxed, approachable style of presenting.”

We ran a 5-day Crawford Fund Master Class (May 2019) on communication planning for federal biosecurity communicators from the Pacific islands. They rated the workshop as 6.33 out of a possible 7, and made the following written comments about workshop highlights:

“The organising of the masterclass communication was really awesome, gives me more understanding that ideas can be applied in our daily communication with our local media, community and target audiences.”

“I have no doubt by using this well back home, Biosecurity will be delivered well to the audience. This training gives me confidence.”