Planning science communication

Workshop overview

Good science deserves a good communication plan, and good communication takes careful planning.

 What do you want to say about the science and why do you want to say it?

Online adaptable

We have adapted this workshop to run online in shorter sessions over several days, please contact us for details.

What is the best method of providing information to the target groups you want to reach?

This practical and lively 1-day workshop takes you through a 7-step process of planning your communication.

 Designed for science communicators and scientists, the workshop program includes case studies, discussion, presentations and planning exercises.

 By the end of the day, you will have an outline communication plan for your project.

 The 7-step process is a comprehensive approach to communication. It covers target groups, messages, delivery and evaluation, and ends with an action plan to translate the day’s work into a workable program.

 We survey all participants in advance so that we can make sure that the workshop is highly relevant and tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation and participants.

 As part of the workshop, a panel of people who are typical of the people you might want to communicate with (e.g. journalists, research funders, members of the general public, industry representatives) offer insights into what methods work best with them. This is invaluable input into a communication plan.

 The workshop is based on our 25 years experience in communicating science.

 It will help you to:


Understand the principles of effective communication


Learn how to plan communication


Develop and practice key communication skills


Develop a practical communication strategy that you can easily put into action

Planning science communication means understand your stakeholders

Hear participants of the Pacific Plant Biosecurity Crawford Fund Communication Master Class listen to a panel of stakeholders explain what they need from communication.


Topics covered

Comprehensive notes are provided.


When should you communicate about a research project?


With whom should you communicate?


What do your target groups want from communication?


How do you choose the most effective communication activities?


How can you monitor and evaluate communication?


How can you overcome some of the barriers to effective communication?


What’s the best way to develop and implement an action plan?

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We recommend a maximum of 10 participants to ensure as much individual feedback as possible.

We run our workshops all across Australia.

Workshops are normally run on a request-only basis.

Prices are fully inclusive of all our costs, regardless of location.

We ask that your organisation arrange the venue and catering, and participant numbers.

We are happy to negotiate price for adapted workshop content/procedures.

Discounts can be negotiated if more than one workshop is run at the same location.

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“Enjoyed the following through from start to finish of the course using our own communication plan.”

Participant, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, May 2018

“Very practical, great to see yourself and others in the group grow throughout the day.”

Participant, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, May 2018

“Good to learn communication risk leading into message development and media/interview practice.”

Participant, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, May 2018