Toss Gascoigne

Toss has broad expertise in the fields of journalism, media liaison, communication strategy development and implementation, and political positioning. He is a former Executive Director of the science policy group FASTS (the Federation of Scientific and Technological Societies) and devised and planned the annual ‘Science meets Parliament’ event while in this position. Toss helped develop most of Econnect’s training workshops and continues to present workshops.


Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education


Claire Heath

Claire is a writer and editor with a wide range of experience from fiction to science communication. She is a formally accredited editor of the Institute of Professional Editors. Claire has experience in journalism, publishing, community engagement, policy writing, and project management in the community, private and public sectors. She has also taught English to adult speakers of other languages.


Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Literature);
Diploma of Business


Michelle Riedlinger

Michelle has worked as a science communicator and researcher with Econnect for over 15 years. She co-developed Econnect’s short workshop, “Communicating science in a minute”. She is a senior lecturer in the School of Communication at the Queensland University of Technology. She teaches professional communication, including science writing and strategic communication planning.


Diploma of Science (Medical Laboratory);
Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication);
PhD (Communication)


Madeleine Stirrat

Madeleine is studio manager and project researcher at Econnect, bringing skills in research, writing and venue management. Currently studying her undergraduate degree, she hopes to continue to postgraduate study in sustainable development. Her passion for writing and science has led her to pursue experience in the science communication field.


Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology & Sociology) – in progress