Visualising your science with smart devices

Workshop overview

This 1 or 2 day workshop will help you feel comfortable using your smart phone or tablet to take photos and videos and then edit these for use online.

It will help you to:

Online adaptable

We have adapted this workshop to run online in shorter sessions over several days, please contact us for details.


Use your smart devices to take better video footage and still images


Know and practice how to edit video and photographs taken with your smart devices


Consider how to share and promote your videos and photographs online

During the workshop, you will use your selected smart device and a laptop to collect vision and images, edit this and then load it up to social media.


Topics covered


Interviewing people on video


Taking quality video footage using your smart phone or tablet


Video editing using PC/Mac software


Taking quality images using your smart phone or tablet


Editing your photos


Sharing your photos and videos online

$7480 + GST

1-day workshop fee

Cost estimate

We recommend a maximum of 10 participants to ensure as much individual feedback as possible, but can include extra participants at an additional cost of $50 + GST per person.

We run our workshops all across Australia.

Workshops are normally run on a request-only basis.

Prices are fully inclusive of all our costs, regardless of location.

We ask that your organisation arrange the venue and catering, and participant numbers.

We are happy to negotiate price for adapted workshop content/procedures.

Discounts can be negotiated if more than one workshop is run at the same location.

$2000 + GST


On booking

On confirmation of your booking, you will need to pay a deposit.

Should you cancel the workshop, we will refund your deposit, minus an administration fee of 10% of the total workshop cost.

If we have already incurred non-refundable costs, for example for flights and accommodation, we will also deduct these costs from your deposit.



“Really found the program helpful and the information and skills I learnt are highly likely to help me in the future.”

Participant, Young Farming Champions & Picture Yourself in Agriculture, Jul 2019

“Great video/101 course in an ever-evolving field. Great (creative) day!”

Participant, Australian Science Communicators Conference, Feb 2020

“Good hands-on aspects of filming and editing, with a complete video by the end of the course.”

Participant, Australian Science Communicators Conference, Feb 2020