CS Energy, 2006

With keytext communication, we tested CS Energy’s response to a simulated major gas leak and subsequent urgent inquiries. The exercise was staged at the Swanbank power station near Brisbane.

We had two people onsite posing as TV journalists and pressing for footage and immediate interviews from management.

We had four other people phone the power station posing as:

  • emotional family members looking for their loved ones
  • media, ministerial advisors and union representatives requesting immediate statements from head office and updates from onsite supervisors
  • neighbours and EPA staff asking for safety reports

We recorded and tested how site managers, executives, and general staff dealt with each inquiry/situation, and how they prepared sensitive information for the media while under real pressure.

The outcome: CS Energy gained practical experience in handling difficult media situations, they revised their company media procedure based on our recommendations, and they developed new guidelines for crisis management.


Managing media issues and crises

CS Energy, 2005

Quotes from CS Energy participants on what they liked about our workshop on managing media issues and crises:


[tentry image=”” name=”Bill Pike” company=”Site Manager, Kogan Creek”] Having professional interviewers in attendance. Good course! [/tentry] [tentry image=”” name=”Tim Loth” company=”ER Coordinator, Mica Creek”] Some realism and real life experience. Thanks! [/tentry]