Managing media issues and crises

Workshop overview

This workshop will help you, as a senior scientist or research manager, to improve your skill in dealing with the media on controversial topics.

You will work through possible scenarios with working journalists from TV and radio.

Before the workshop, we will work with you to tailor scenarios and workshop notes to your needs.

Do you have an impending launch or announcement?

We can design a session to work with you to plan the strategy and tactics of the event, establish key messages, and rehearse the skills needed to get the messages across with conviction and style.

This practical workshop will help you to:

  • identify key public issues related to your work
  • practice dealing with ‘hostile’ journalists and controversial scenarios
  • take firm control of the media agenda to ensure your messages are conveyed accurately


Topics covered

Topics can be tailored to your needs. Typical topics covered are:

  • identifying issues that could be controversial for your research or your organisation
  • dealing with unexpected media situations
  • handling difficult interviews
  • dealing with protagonists in interview situations
  • organising and being involved in press conferences
  • turning questions around to get your message/s out
  • strategies for managing issues


View the outline of the 1-day workshop.

We also run half-day workshops for a maximum of 4 people. This is an intensive version of the 1-day workshop, and still involves 3 working journalists.


Cost: 1-day workshop

$9,850 plus GST

Maximum 8 participants

Includes attendance of 3 working journalists.

Cost: Half-day workshop

$5,885 plus GST

Maximum 4 participants

Includes attendance of 3 working journalists.

We run our workshops all across Australia.

Workshops are normally run on a request-only basis.

Prices are fully inclusive of all costs, regardless of location.

We ask that your organisation arrange the venue and catering, and participant numbers.

We are happy to negotiate price for adapted workshop content/procedures.

Discounts can be negotiated if more than one workshop is run at the same location.


On confirmation of your booking, you will need to pay a deposit:

  • $2000 (+ GST) for a 1-day workshop
  • $1000 (+ GST) for a half-day workshop

Should you cancel the workshop, we will refund your deposit, minus an administration fee of 10% of the total workshop cost.

If we have already incurred non-refundable costs, for example for flights and accommodation, we will also deduct these costs from your deposit.

Contact us to discuss your needs.