Fresh Science, 1998–2019

For 21 years we have trained early-career scientists selected for the Fresh Science program in how to deal with the media.

We identify the most exciting, least exposed Australian research for presenting to the media and the public at various events during National Science Week.

Quotes from Fresh Scientists about our training:

“I appreciated the many opportunities to explain our work – especially with real journalists.” Dr Sophie Reid, Research Fellow, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
“Meeting ‘real’ media personalities and learning about their perspectives and who to contact within radio, tv and newspapers was excellent.” Jo Lapidge, Director, Stand Innovation
“Hearing from all the journalists – very illuminating!  The mix of commercial and public was good.” Dr Andrew Feitz, Senior Research Fellow, University of NSW
“It was a real insight into how media works.” Richard Shepherd, PhD student
“… appreciated the training and practice runs – meeting real media.” Lawrence Sant, C.E.O. Molly Polly Pty Ltd
Greenhouse CRC, Canberra, 2003

Quotes from Greenhouse Cooperative Research Centre staff about our workshop on talking science with the media:

“The detailed analysis of presentation skills i.e. attention to detail was really helpful.” Sara Healy
“Diversity; structure; the different presenters. It was great.” Danny Siegenthaler
“Lots of opportunities to get up and talk on various topics.” Rob Waterworth
“Mix of presentation/practical elements and involvement of media professionals.” Matthew Brookhouse
“The practical aspect, contact with real journalists. We got to keep tapes of some of the work.” Susanne Thulin
“Extremely relevant course materials (to my needs).” Eddie Webber
“Competence and enthusiasm of presenters, presentation techniques, tips and tricks.” Frank Jotzo