For the 2014 Australian Science Communicators conference in February, we wanted to talk to other communicators about our work.

We decided to present 5 of our favourite projects, through posters, at the conference.

We’ve since written a newsletter about the process we used to create these posters.


Mary’s poster showcased Biomass Producer, a bioenergy portal we developed last year, and the task-driven process we used to develop it.

Biomass Producer - poster - preview  (see the full-size poster; PDF 1.7 MB)


Jenni outlined a recent set of AusAID-supported workshops she and Toss Gascoigne ran in PNG for women learning how to present and plan science communication.

PNG training women - poster - preview  (see the full-size poster; PDF 6 MB)


Alison gave away her trade-secret recipe for storytelling about climate change for 15 Pacific island nations: the ingredients are quite involved but the dish is well worth it!

Pacific climate stories - poster - preview  (see full-size poster; PDF 2 MB)


Robbie gave a sneak peek into the process of developing a communication strategy: the Gold Coast City Council’s plans for communicating about biodiversity in urban areas.

iNature - poster - preview


Sarah shed some light on the strengths and challenges, for communicators, of facilitating the network of MCV Climate Champion farmers.


Climate Champion program - poster - preview  (see full-size poster: PDF 5 MB)

After a process of thinking about what we wanted to say, drafting designs and giving each other feedback, Robbie designed and laid out the iNature poster and Alison designed and laid out the other 4 posters.