Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)


What we did

We worked with the 15 Filipino authors (landcare facilitators and leading farmers) to structure, draft, edit and publish the book: Landcare in the Philippines: a practical guide to getting it started and keeping it going.

Jenni and Mary travelled to remote parts of Mindanao and Bohol to interview local people who are embracing landcare. We included their stories (and photos) in the book to demonstrate the landcare processes.

The book was published by ACIAR in 2009.

This is one of the most rewarding projects we have worked on.


[tentry image=”” name=”Noel Vock” company=”Project Leader (Philippines-Australia Landcare Project) Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries”]What a superb result – thanks to everyone who put their hearts and souls into this – congratulations!! [/tentry]