Grains Research & Development Corporation, 2010–12

We developed and implemented a communication strategy to raise awareness among grain growers and advisors in Queensland and northern New South Wales of root-lesion nematodes and how they can be managed.

We worked with Queensland Government researchers and surveyed growers and rural advisors to:

We developed the following tools as part of the strategy:

  • An iPad presentation, which growers and advisors can use as a learning tool. Researchers also found it to be a useful tool when consulting with growers.
  • 3 pull-up banners for the researchers to take to field days and other speaking engagements
  • Google maps for researchers to plot root-lesion nematode populations
  • YouTube channel to store the 12 videos about root-lesion nematode research and management techniques which we filmed and produced. We also loaded the videos onto the iPad.
  • blog for the researchers to have an online space dedicated to information about root-lesion nematodes.

We also trained the researchers in how to use the tools to communicate their work and how to maintain the content.