CRC Cotton, Narrabri, 1995–2006

Quotes from the CRC Cotton about our workshop on communicating science:

“Variety btw information and activities. Good presenters.” Gus Macrae – CRC Cotton
“Full use of time.” Robert Ward – Australian Machinery P/L
“Techniques for preparing and meeting criteria of media.” Scott Vaessen – NSW DPI
“Gave me confidence in my ability to deal with the media and public speaking a lot better than on Monday morning!” Justin Luckel – Elders Ayr
“That I was ‘made’ to get up and do things that I didn’t want to do! It has been a while since I’ve had to do a lot of these things so it was good experience.” VJ Wigney – CRC Cotton
“The interaction within the group and activities kept the course moving.” Lyndon Mulligan – Cotton grower
“Opportunities for interaction and practising what we had learned.” John Lehane – QDPI & F
“Very interactive. Covered a good range of media.” Lis Apuli – Landmark
“Structuring of a presentation. How to use the media effectively.” Peter Hollingworth – Cotton Australia
“Everyone’s enthusiasm and participation in all the practical exercises.” Sandy Young – Aust. Cotton Exb. Centre
“Relevant information gained for our perspective.” Greg Wynne – UNE