International Water Management Institute

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of goals to end poverty and hunger and sustain the environment.

Drafted by 70 nations and currently being discussed in the UN General Assembly, these goals will guide social policy and investments for decades to come.

The International Water Management Institute believes that the key to the goals being achieved lies in how they approach water management.


What we did

We worked with managers and researchers from the institute and its partners to write the 56-page booklet: On Target for People and Planet: Setting and Achieving Water-Related Sustainable Development Goals.

The objectives of the booklet are to:

  • inform the people designing the SDGs of up-to-date scientific methods that can help countries set, measure and monitor national targets to achieve water-related SDGs
  • make countries aware of recent insights and research results which could help them achieve water-related SDGs.


On target for people and planet: Setting and achieving water-related Sustainable Development Goals, 2014 Image credit: Practical Action/Martha Munyoro Katsi

Image credit: Practical Action/Martha Munyoro Katsi

Our role included:

  • reading source material
  • interviewing researchers and partners
  • writing the text
  • sourcing images
  • seeking approval for all content
  • copyediting
  • designing and laying out the booklet.