Matthew McConnaughey’s been taking notes…

A graduate of one of our Presenting Science workshops tipped us off after reading a LinkedIn article about McConnaughey’s Oscar-win acceptance speech.

Sherri Hsu, who took part in our presenting science skills workshop through the CRC for Polymers, said it reminded her of the classic 5-box talk format we teach: an introduction, three key points, and a conclusion.

McConnaughey mentioned three motivators in his speech: something to look up to, another to look forward to, and someone to chase. There’s power in threes – think of the fairytales you know, and how that format cuts across many cultures.

We think all great speakers use the power of three, including some of those who win Oscars!

Sherri says she still uses the presenting skills she learned in the workshop years ago – and we’re glad the simplicity and power of the 5-box talk has remained useful for her.