By Robbie Mitchell

I seem to have got in the habit of taking pictures of all things science communication recently, particularly posters.

During recent work trips to the Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and the Cook Islands, several such posters caught my eye.

Sam Bacon, a climate scientist working for the Seeds of Life in Timor-Leste, has developed a range of posters in English and Tetum (the local language) to communicate climate change in each district. He says these are very useful devices to communicate difficult concepts.
View the poster in the picture.

The following two posters were developed by the Cook Islands National Environmental Service to communicate erosion.

Many of the Southern islands in the Cook Islands are volcanic. When the Southern islands were first colonised, settlers removed acres of jungle to plant fruit trees. The trees proved to be a profitable in the short term but, over time, the lack of native foliage combined with heavy rains has meant many of these islands are now facing massive erosion problems.

The fruit trees are now gone and Cook Islands National Environmental Service is working with local communities to manage for erosion by replanting appropriate native vegetation.

These posters are big and colourful with easy-to-understand diagrams/visuals and not too much text.

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