Jenni Metcalfe recently celebrated the milestone of 10 years as Econnect’s sole and soul director. What a landmark anniversary!

Clearly, a party was in order.

Jenni Metcalfe

The first step of any party preparation is decorating. Accordingly, we adorned Kurilpa studio’s walls with photographs from Jenni’s new exhibition Edge.

Edge exhibition

It was fitting that the Edge exhibition referenced “a line, a door opening or closing”, as the whole event highlighted the step over the ‘threshold’ of the decade-long direction from Jenni.


The exhibition wording referring to often blurred transitions also fit: where clients and employees become friends. Everyone present—clients, employees and former employees—gathered to celebrate alongside Jenni.


So on the night of July 4, we toasted with the requisite champagne, alongside speeches from dear friends, and Jenni acknowledged the people who have walked beside her on the way.


Congratulations, Jenni, and here’s to another 10 years.