Museum of Tropical Queensland

What we did

Colour: Secret Language of the Reef, is an interactive exhibition which explores how coral and marine creatures communicate on the Great Barrier Reef.

We designed an exhibition that interpreted coral reef environments through themes of colour, light and vision.

Image: Brandi Projects

Image: Brandi Projects

The exhibition at the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville consists of:

  • Coral Explorer: hold your breath as you go into the depths, watching video inside a submarine
  • Reef Hero: wave and jump around in front of the greenscreen to protect the reef from threats
  • Fishy Vision: look into the eyepieces to see how different reef animals see their world
  • Talking with Colour: pick the right answers on-screen to tricky questions about colour on the reef
  • Coral Bleaching: walk along this mural to see and understand the devastating phenomenon of bleaching.

To create the exhibition, we:

  • developed an interpretive strategy and concept plans
  • wrote interpretive text and captions
  • chose images and video
  • created video storyboards and scripts
  • copyedited and proofread the final content before production.

Our partners, Brandi Projects, constructed and installed the exhibition.