We worked with the Queensland Museum to redevelop the popular children’s interactive playground, Playasaurus Place.

The interpretation work was a part of $14.3 million invested in refurbishing and installing new exhibitions at the museum during 2011.

The museum reopened on 20January 2012 after being closed for 108 days while the redevelopment was taking place. The reopening also marked the 150th anniversary of the museum.

We teamed up with Brandi Projects to develop the popular interactive display, Energy and you. The brief was to interpret energy use at home and to engage children and youth with the science of energy.

A young Econnect-er explores the new ‘Energy and you’ exhibit at the Queensland Musuem South Bank.

Energy and you is full of hands-on and feet-on experiences that show children how they use energy in their everyday lives. They discover how eating different foods gives them enough energy to play different sports. They learn how much energy electrical appliances use in their home.

They can choose how to reduce or balance their energy needs and can contribute their ideas on the Energy Action Wall about how to reduce energy use and still live a comfortable lifestyle.

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