Jenni Metcalfe

Jenni Metcalfe

Role: Director

Lead person for: Industry liaison, project management, workshop delivery

Works: full-time, Monday – Friday


Phone: 07 3846 7111

Mobile: 0408 551 866

Skype: jenni.metcalfe

To me, life is about passion. It’s about daring to try new things. That’s why I first got into sailing – zooming across the water using nothing but wind energy makes me feel totally alive. Sailing also satisfies my competitive nature.


I did a sailing course to learn how to pull the right ropes when I was invited on friends’ yachts. I now know to call them sheets, halyards and lines, not ropes.

Most weekends I’m racing yachts around the Queensland coastline or overseas. Racing in the Caribbean on Farr 65-foot boats is becoming an annual highlight, meeting up with sailors from around the globe. I also enjoy cruising, and Moreton Bay is a favourite place to explore on the weekends.

I was pleased to hear on ABC Radio National that sailing is one of the best things you can do to prevent dementia as it stimulates your cognitive, physical and social needs—an important consideration as I get older!

Of course, you can’t have your laptop or mobile with you on the deck of a fast-moving sailboat, so sailing also helps me switch off from my work.

Running my own business is a dream come true for me because it has allowed me to focus on areas of environmental and natural resource management that I am passionate about.

I find it deeply satisfying to play a part in sharing stories with the world about the amazing things researchers are discovering and how they are helping to improve and conserve the world’s natural resources.

I strongly believe in giving something back for my good fortune, and Econnect donates time and expertise to support landcare activities in the Philippines.

I personally support Lorena ‘Aying’ Loma, a young landcare facilitator working with farmers in southern Mindanao. She uses my financial support to assist her academic studies and to help support her family’s efforts to become self-sufficient.

One of the most rewarding parts of my science communication career has been working with young people like Aying in the Philippines to publish books that support and promote landcare in the Philippines.

I am hoping one day, perhaps when I am retired and have become bored with trying to write bad novels, to spend big chunks of time in places like the Philippines, helping local people build sustainable livelihoods.


  • Master of Science (Environment)
  • Bachelor of Business Communication (Journalism/Audio-visual Production)
  • Bachelor of Education (Science)


  • Australian Science Communicators (President, 2006-07)
  • Scientific committee of the International Public Communication of Science and Technology Network
  • Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance
  • Griffith University Alumni Association
  • QUT Foundation
  • Queensland Writers Centre


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