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August 2019 – Emotion and Science Communication

Good science communication engages the senses. At Econnect, we focus on awakening curiosity, fascination, enthusiasm, and a desire to know in our audiences.

Science communication that leaves audiences feeling confused or bored, or even excluded can be worse than no

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July 2019 – Storytelling

Humans are captivated by stories. They foster cooperation, pass on social norms, and honour those who are good at telling stories.

At Econnect, we like to harness the power of a good story in our work. We use elements of

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June 2019 – Using videos to communicate your science

We love videos as a communication medium here at Econnect. Most recently, we produced a video of Vox-Pops from a social media workshop we ran in Rockhampton for the Queensland Office of the Chief Scientist. We did this after
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June 2018 – Presenting for your audience

We’ve been to a lot of conferences and workshops lately.And it seems that there are still many presenters out there who have not thought about their audience.  They plug in their life support system—their speech notes written on PowerPoint—and away
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