Presenting science – workshop outline


2 presenters


  1. Understand how to structure an effective presentation to meet both audience needs and your objectives
  2. Develop some skills and confidence in delivering effective presentations
  3. Apply principles of message-design to effective presentations

Workshop evaluation

  • Reaction-based: We give you a feedback sheet to fill out at the end of workshop. We collate the results (we don’t edit them) and return them to the commissioning organisation.
  • Learning: We assess your learning on an individual basis throughout the workshop and give both oral and written feedback.
  • Behavioural: We give you individual feedback as you practise the skills in the workshop. We also provide individual feedback forms.

Workshop preparation

We email each workshop participant asking them to prepare a short presentation (3 mins) about their work, and giving details of venue and any other related arrangements.

Program outline

9 am start

Introduction, outline and purpose of workshop

  • The three sides to effective presentations – content, style, visuals
  • The characteristics of a good presentation
  • Exercise 1: 3-minute presentation about your work, with feedback

Considering the audience

  • Exercise 2: Audience checklist

How to structure a good talk

  • The 5-box presentation
  • Exercise 3: Give an introduction/conclusion for a talk… recorded on video and replayed for comment and feedback


Dealing with questions: the good, the bad and the uglyDoing it with style

  • Overcoming nerves
  • Checking out the venue
  • Exercise 4: Something you feel passionate about… recorded on video and replayed for comment and feedback

Visual aids – the dos and don’ts

Chairing a talk – some tips

Delivering the goods

  • Exercise 5: Short talks prepared in groups of 3-4 on selected topics according to the 5-box template; one person will chair and one person will then present the talk


Evaluation of workshop

5 pm finish

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