Communicating science – 1-day workshop outline


2 presenters

2 reporters (one from TV, one from radio)


  1. Understand how to structure and deliver an effective talk to meet both audience needs and your objectives
  2. Develop some skills and confidence in dealing with different audiences, including the media
  3. Apply principles of message-design to effective communication

Workshop evaluation

  • Reaction-based: Participants complete a feedback sheet at the end of workshop. We collate the results (we don’t edit them) and return them to the commissioning organisation.
  • Learning: We assess participants’ learning on an individual basis throughout the workshop and give both oral and written feedback.
  • Behavioural: We give participants individual feedback as they practise the skills in the workshop. We also provide individual feedback forms.

Workshop preparation

We ask each workshop participant to email us a 50-word summary of the most important and interesting aspects of their work with their current employer. We supply participants with details of the venue and any other arrangements.

Program outline

This outline is indicative only. We tailor each workshop according to the needs of participants, as determined at the beginning of the workshop.

Welcome, objectives
Participants choose workshop objectives
What makes a good presentation? Discussion.

Audiences and messages
Who do you communicate with?

What are your messages?

Exercise 1: 2-minute talks (videoed and played back). Feedback.

Structure of a talk

Putting your messages into the 5-box model

Using visuals appropriately

Exercise 2: The introduction – prepare and present your introduction (videoed and played back). Feedback.

Panel discussion
2 journalists discuss what the media needs to make a story work.

Exercise 3:1-minute talks by participants (videoed and played back). Feedback.

Distilling your message in writing

Revising your 50-word summary

Writing a tweet

Dealing with questions

Visuals and graphics

Exercise 4: Prepare and present graphics and take questions – individual talks videoed

Final feedback


Evaluation of workshop


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