Some of our research projects are listed below.

Collaborating across the sectors

Department of Education, Science and Technology, 2005–06

Working with the Council for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, we studied how the humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) sector collaborates with the science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) disciplines.

As part of our research, we conducted an international literature review, interviews and focus groups, and a national survey for input to our analysis and recommendations. We also reviewed 10 case studies in depth.

The outcome: A report to the federal Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Technology describing best practices for collaborating across HASS-STEM disciplines, and recommendations for government, industry, education and institutions to encourage and support cross-sectoral collaboration.

Download the report: CHASS Collaborating across the sectors (PDF 2.3 MB)


Commercialisation study for the humanities, arts and social sciences

Department of Education, Science and Technology, 2004–05

We investigated the commercial environment for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), the impact of HASS commercialisation on the sector, and the commercial arrangements operating in the HASS environment in Australia.

We organised, facilitated and recorded focus groups, ran surveys, and reported the results of these activities. We wrote case studies illustrating the major activities, and made recommendations based on our findings.

The outcome: A report to the federal Department of Education Science and Technology describing Australia’s commercial environment relating to HASS research and practice, and recommendations for government action to encourage and support these endeavours.

Download the report: Commercialisation of research activities (PDF 415 kb).


Scientists commercialising their research

Federation of Australian Scientific and technological Societies, 1999

In collaboration with Toss Gascoigne and the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies, we facilitated focus group discussions with 126 scientists around Australia, looking at obstacles to commercialisation and how scientists can overcome these obstacles.

The outcome: A report describing how scientists can commercialise their research, including recommendations and best practices.

Download the report: How scientists can commercialise their research (PDF 48 kb)

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