Building collaborative teams and networks

Some of our recent projects are listed below.

Partnering with communities for sustainable development

Coastal Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), 2006

We produced a brochure encouraging industry to consider community-industry partnership approaches to environmental management.

We developed the brochure with input from researchers and CRC staff working in community liaison.

We also revised and edited the complementary report, which involved interpreting environmental and social information for the industry audiences.

View the brochure: CRC Coastal partnerships (PDF 964 kb)


Communication strategy

Environmental Biotechnology CRC, 2003

We interviewed key personnel and stakeholders of the newly-formed CRC to identify:

  • the communication objectives (internal and external)
  • formal and informal partners in the communication process
  • desired relationship with partners
  • key communication messages
  • strategies and tactics for communicating effectively with partners
  • evaluation techniques for ongoing assessment of success
  • responsibilities and budget for communication

The outcome: A communication strategy that identifies and recommends a structure for the organisation based on in-house, in-kind and contracted support available and principles of best practice related to collaborative networks.

View the strategy: EBCRC Communication – Final Report (PDF 110 kb)


Communication strategy

Landmark project, Murray-Darling Basin Commission, 2001–04

We coordinated internal and external communication for the ambitious Landmark project—a quantitative, spatial analysis of the sustainability of current land use and management practices within the Murray-Darling Basin.

The outcome: A communication strategy for the project, systems for in-house reporting on the project, media releases and articles reporting on the project, fact sheets, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for communication.

View Landmark fact sheet: Landmark factsheet (PDF 40 kb)


Collaboration workshops

Catchment Management Associations and Land & Water Australia, 2003

We worked with groups to:

  • examine the common issues associated with communicating about multi-disciplinary and multi-organisational research for changed planning, policies and practice
  • identify communication planning tools for ensuring effective internal and external communication that delivers adoption outcomes, and apply some of these communication planning tools to specific examples

The outcome: A practical one-day workshop designed for organisations managing communication across geographically and organisationally dispersed settings, and a communication checklist to monitor the health of a collaborative group or team.

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