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Alex Osborn, the father of brainstorming, found that people who followed his rules didn’t stare at each other in embarrassment or run out of the room screaming during a brainstorming session – instead, they generated a lot more ideas.… Read more

Writing a media release

Designing your main message

Often it’s not the quality of the science, but the way you ‘package’ your story that gains media coverage.

Ask yourself these 3 questions and use your answers to formulate your main message:

What are the
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What makes a good news story?

With hundreds of media releases crossing a journalist’s desk every day, your media release has to have immediate impact to avoid being ‘filed’ straight into the bin.

What makes news?

No-one really knows what news is. Experienced people can smell … Read more

Doing a television interview

Television is the most powerful and demanding form of media. It’s also the most time consuming to produce.

You can help the crew get the best footage by having good visuals ready and briefing your ‘talent’ (the interviewee) on what … Read more

Controlling an interview

When you are preparing for an interview, it may help to remind yourself of the different priorities of researchers and journalists:

  • Researchers work with accuracy, detail, prudence, incremental developments, robust methodologies and peer review.
  • Journalists work with breaking news, quick
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