Writing for the reader – 2-day workshop outline


2 presenters


  1. Understand how to write clearly and concisely, applying plain English principles.
  2. Be able to identify your readers and their needs.
  3. Develop some skills in writing well to meet both your readers’ needs and your objectives.

Workshop evaluation

  • Reaction-based: We give you a feedback sheet to fill out at the end of workshop. We collate the results (we don’t edit them) and return them to the commissioning organisation.
  • Learning: We assess your learning on an individual basis throughout the workshop and give both oral and written feedback.
  • Behavioural: We give you individual feedback as you practise the skills in the workshop. We also provide individual feedback forms.

Workshop preparation

We liaise with participants about venue details and other related arrangements.

We email each workshop participant in advance asking them what aspect(s) of writing they would like to be better at, and requesting a recent or current (work in progress) sample of their writing.

Program outline

This is a sample outline only. Our writing workshops are highly tailored to meet the specific needs of participants and their organisation.

Day 1
Introduction, objectives of workshop  

The elements of good and bad writing


Short exercises


Executive panel discussion

What do your executives need? What do you need to do differently?


Identifying readers and messages

The principles of message design

Exercise (readers and messages continued)


Structuring your document
Characteristics of different formats (summary, policy brief, fact sheet, feature story, media release)

Choosing the format

Selecting and arranging the content

Exercise – write a summary


Recap on Day 1


Day 2
Recap on Day 1


Writing in plain English

What plain English is and isn’t

4 sentence-level techniques that will bring your writing to life

Short exercises


Policy panel discussion or Writing journal articles

Injecting the right tone



Using headings and sub-headings



Being concise



Editing / reviewing your work


Q & A


Recap on the 2 days

Evaluation of workshop

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