Visualising your science with smart devices – workshop outline


2 presenters


  1. Understand how to use your smart device to shoot quality video and photographs
  2. Develop some skills and confidence in editing your videos and photographs
  3. Understand how to use videos and photographs to promote your science online

Workshop evaluation

  • Reaction-based: We give you a feedback sheet to fill out at the end of workshop. We collate the results (we don’t edit them) and return them to the commissioning organisation.
  • Learning: We assess your learning on an individual basis throughout the workshop and give both oral and written feedback.
  • Behavioural: We give you individual feedback as you practise the skills in the workshop. We also provide individual feedback forms.

Workshop preparation

We email each workshop participant asking them to bring along a short video clip and some photos to use during the workshop.

Program outline

9 am start

Introduction, outline and purpose of workshop

  • Benefits of visual communication to your science communication
  • The characteristics of a good video and a good photo

Introduction to video editing

  • Using your video editing software
  • Tips for simple editing
  • Exercise 1: Do a simple edit of a video clip

Tips on shooting video with your smart devices

  • Framing your shot
  • Lighting your scenes
  • Moving your smart camera (or not)
  • Recording interviews
  • Exercise 2: Plan and shoot vision for a group video


Editing your video

  • Extra tips on editing your video
  • Adding and adjusting the sound
  • Overlaying video and images
  • Exercise 3: Upload and edit your video footage

Taking photographs using your smart devices

  • Making the most of lighting
  • Composing your photograph
  • Focusing for best effect
  • Changing your perspective
  • Exercise 4: Take 5 different shots

Editing your photographs

  • Using software like Pixlr
  • What to do or not in editing
  • Exercise 5: Edit your photos

Sharing your video and photographs

  • Tools for sharing
  • Exercise 6: Load up your photos/video online

Evaluation of workshop

5.30 pm finish