Some of our summary projects are listed below.

Queensland Government – water and coal seam gas, 2012

The volume and location of water that is expected to be extracted as a by-product of extracting coal seam gas is a hot topic in Queensland.

As part of the Healthy HeadWaters coal seam gas water feasibility study, which is managed by the Queensland Government, consultants Klohn Crippen Berger developed a tool that can be used to project how much water will be extracted in Queensland’s Surat and southern Bowen basins over the next 50 years.

We reviewed and recommended changes to their 118-page, 28,000-word highly technical report ‘Modelling and forecasting of CSG water production’ [PDF 6 MB] which describes, for a technical readership, how the tool works and gives water estimates for a number of scenarios.

We also summarised the technical report into 30 pages of plain English, ‘Forecasting coal seam gas water production in Queensland’s Surat and southern Bowen basins’ [PDF 2 MB], for non-technical readers.

For both reports, we worked closely with government staff to make sure that the government’s key messages were conveyed clearly and that any communication risks were mitigated.

We also copyedited, formatted and proofread both reports.

[raw] [testimonial][tentry name=”Joan Meecham” company=”Queensland Government – Healthy HeadWaters CSG Water Feasibility Study, 2012″]My team experienced an early Christmas wish when Econnect rescued a highly technical document and turned it into something readable by a general audience (thank-you Mary and Sarah). While we greatly appreciated your wordsmithing skills, we equally appreciated the calm, reasonable and reliable approach to the job. So thank-you![/tentry][/testimonial] [/raw]

Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge – gully erosion, 2012

We summarised the 15-page, 5000-word research report ‘Alluvial Gully Erosion: A Dominant Erosion Process Across Tropical Northern Australia’ into a 4-page, 1400-word plain-English document for land managers and policymakers.

Conservation International – key biodiversity areas, 2011

We summarised a 138-page report on the delineation of key biodiversity areas in New Caledonia into an 8-page publication (a 6-page booklet plus a separate 2-page insert) written in plain English for decision-makers.

We created a concept design using client templates, selected images and laid out the publication, complying with the client’s editorial and graphical style guides.

We copyedited, proofread, managed the printing and delivered the final product to New Caledonia.

Download the 6-page booklet: Key biodiversity areas in New Caledonia [PDF 9.8 MB]

Download the 2-page insert: Confirmed key biodiversity areas in New Caledonia [PDF 567 kb]

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority – climate change adaptation, 2011

We summarised 4 reports (vulnerability assessment, resilience analysis, adaptation plan, policy essay) in 15 pages for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

We read the reports and background material, selected content, drafted the summaries and incorporated feedback from the client.

The summary is for staff and will be used to write a case study.

Note: We are a GBRMPA preferred supplier since 2011 for writing and editing.

CSIRO – Northern Australia land and water science review, 2009

We summarised CSIRO’s hotly debated Northern Australia Land and Water Science Review 2009 which was commissioned by the Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce to support the taskforce’s report to the Australian Government.

We liaised with the individual authors of each of the 29 chapters (many chapters had multiple authors), and Project Director Peter Stone, in summarising each chapter in 2 pages of plain English.

Download the 29 chapter summaries (PDF 2.15 MB).

Download a sample chapter summary (PDF 53 kb).

CSIRO – Northern Australia sustainable yields, 2009

We summarised the research findings of CSIRO’s Northern Australia Sustainable Yields project into a series of:

  • 2-page fact sheets (17 fact sheets, one for each of 14 regions and 3 drainage divisions)
  • 12-page regional summaries (3 summaries, one for each drainage division)

We worked closely with Project Leader Dr Richard Cresswell under tight timeframes.

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