Fact sheets

Some of our fact sheet projects are listed below.


Grains Research & Development Corporation – climate-related research, 2011–12

We wrote plain English summaries for 42 climate-related projects which we then synthesised into 16 fact sheets for farmers.

The Top Paddock fact sheets were printed and distributed at a National Press Club event which we organised for the client in March 2012.

CSIRO – Northern Australia sustainable yields, 2009

We summarised the research findings of CSIRO’s Northern Australia Sustainable Yields project into a series of:

  • 2-page fact sheets (17, one for each of 14 regions and 3 drainage divisions)
  • 12-page regional summaries (3, one for each drainage division)

We worked closely with Project Leader Dr Richard Cresswell under tight timeframes.

Meat & Livestock Australia – climate change, 2009

We wrote fact sheets for Meat & Livestock Australia on climate change issues that affect red-meat producers.

Topics included:

  • emissions trading systems
  • measuring carbon in agriculture
  • water use in red-meat production

National Agriculture and Climate Change Action Plan – climate change, 2008

We worked with a consortium including the Bureau of Meteorology, the national Managing Climate Variability program, the Birchip Cropping Group and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics to write a suite of 33 information sheets about climate change for farmers.

Managing Climate Variability – research projects, 2006 and 2008

We produced a 2-page fact sheet for each of the 27 research projects funded by the program.

Fact sheets were provided to delegates to the program’s forum, Climate Connect 2006.

We also produced an A4 folder to hold the fact sheets and promotional brochure.

Download a sample fact sheet (PDF 379 kb)

Download the A4 folder (PDF 867 kb)

Queensland Goverment – social and economic research, 2007

We conducted a desktop review and summarised research findings into an integrated suite of 18 fact sheets to preserve the legacy of the Department of Natural Resources and Water’s social and economic state-level investment project.

We also coordinated the design of the fact sheets on CD-ROM.

Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage, feral animals, 2007

We produced a 40-page booklet and 14 fact sheets about feral animals in Australia’s rangelands. We also managed the design and printing.

Land & Water Australia, 2007

We wrote fact sheets on

  • participatory action research
  • mapping out who you need to communicate with (aka stakeholders)

Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research – wetlands, biodiversity and salinity, 2004

Download the biodiversity fact sheets (PDF 378 kb)

Murray-Darling Basin Commission – Landmark project, 2001–04

Download a Landmark fact sheet (PDF 40 kb)

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