Client newsletters

Some of our newsletter projects are listed below.


Managing Climate Variability, since 2006

We produce CliMag, the biannual newsletter of Managing Climate Variability.

We source and write the stories, source images, and manage the entire publication process, including design and printing.


Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge, 2008–11

We researched, wrote, copyedited and proofread stories for all 5 editions of On TRaCK, the biannual flagship publication of the research hub.

Econnect newsletter

Econnect Communication, since 2001

We have been producing our own free monthly e-newsletter since 2001.

We offer useful communication tips for science communicators, especially for people in the fields of science and natural resource management.


Philippines-Australia landcare project, 2004–07

We edited and distributed newsMATE, a monthly e-newsletter for an AusAID- and ACIAR-funded landcare project in the Philippines.

We collected stories, news and images from the local landcare facilitators.

We edited the stories lightly, laid out the newsletter and distributed it to subscribers.

We also maintained the subscriber list.

The outcome: Regular, timely and cost-effective e-newsletters with engaging content.

Download a sample edition of newsMATE (PDF 185 kb).

Thinking Bush, Issue 4

Land & Water Australia, 2006

In Thinking Bush 4, we brought together 5 years of native-vegetation management research.

We worked with Biotext, Don Alcock, Cathy Sage and Duncan Handley to produce the magazine.


International Riverfoundation, 2005–06

We produced RiverConnect, the newsletter of the International Riverfoundation.

We also produced the daily RiverCurrents newsletter during the 8th International Riversymposium.

Download a sample edition of RiverConnect (PDF 2.3 MB).

Download a sample edition of RiverCurrents (PDF 341 kb).

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