Interpreting science, and natural and cultural attractions

Some of our major projects include:

FLOW Discovery Centre

Fitzroy Basin Association, 2011–12

The Fitzroy Basin is Australia’s second-biggest river basin.

FLOW, which opened in 2012 in Rockhampton’s heritage-listed old post office, shows how the basin works, and celebrates how people are managing its natural resources sustainably.

What we did:

  • worked with the Fitzroy Basin Authority to identify audiences and key messages
  • developed the interpretive strategy
  • came up with the interpretive concepts and exhibits (including interactive layered maps and a record-your-own-story kiosk) and worked with Brandi Projects to implement them
  • interviewed locals
  • researched and wrote the content for interpretive panels
  • selected images
  • selected videos for 4 screens
  • developed a snakes-and-ladders game for children


Carpentaria Shire Council, 2009

We interviewed local people in the Gulf of Carpentaria face-to-face and worked with council staff and designers to develop a concept plan for an experiential monsoon exhibit in Normanton.

The centre will give visitors a taste of what it’s like to be in the Gulf region during the wet season and show them how aspects of life are transformed each year by the wet-dry cycle.


Playasaurus Place

Queensland Museum South Bank, 2009 and 2011

Playasaurus Place explores energy, climate change and ancient plants and animals, including the much-loved dinosaurs.

We worked with scientists, curators and designers to create interactive exhibits and write informative, accurate, engaging and concise panels.

The energy exhibit encourages children to think about how they use energy. We came up with the interpretive concepts, and researched and wrote the content.

Artesian Time Tunnel, Cunnamulla Fella Centre

Paroo Shire Council, 2007

We worked with Brandi Projects to develop an experience of the Great Artesian Basin, the dinosaurs of the region and the opals which are still being mined there.

We wrote a 90-second script about the Basin and wrote and copyedited interpretive text for two panels on the Basin and two panels on local dinosaur history.


Megafauna: Prehistoric giants from the Darling Downs

Queensland Museum, 2007

We provided interpretive text for 7 panels in the Queensland Museum’s Megafauna exhibition.

This included reviewing and rewriting draft text supplied by the museum, ensuring logical story and content flow, using clear and active language, and writing to the interactive components within the exhibition.

Megafauna ran until February 2008 at the Cobb+Co Museum in Toowoomba, Queensland.


Museum Zoo

Queensland Museum South Bank, 2006

The Museum Zoo exhibition focused on animal size and survival, spectacularly showing off the museum’s collection while drawing attention to the threats to animal habitats.

We collaborated with museum curators, Brandi Exhibitions, and Ormsby Kerrins Freeman to bring together the fantastic parade of animals. No cages, no glass cases.

Museum Zoo ran until July 2011.


Water WOWsers show

Queensland Museum Sciencentre, 2006

We collaborated with designers Hanne and Tommy Brandi, physics whiz Joel Gilmore, and museum curators to develop the Water Wowsers show.

Water WOWsers is an entertaining and interactive multimedia science show that helps school-age children learn about water properties, uses, quality, availability and conservation.

The children get fun ideas for science demonstrations and water-saving tips which they can share with friends and family.


Water interactive exhibits

Queensland Museum Sciencentre, 2006

Working with museum curators, Brandi Exhibitions, and Desmond Freeman and his team at Ormsby Kerrins Freeman, we helped design concepts and write interpretive text for 3 water interactive exhibits:

  • The water cycle (ball run)
  • Are you a Water Hero or a Water Zero? (pinball machine)
  • Water filtration (hands-on filters)

The exhibits give visitors a hands-on experience with aspects of water treatment, water cycles and water-conservation ideas.



Queensland Government, 2005 and 2007

In 2005, we developed the content for this original mobile biotechnology exhibition aimed at high-school students.

We wrote content for hands-on and interactive exhibits, and scripted a short film on biotechnology applications.

The BioBus toured schools in Queensland for two years.

In 2007, we reviewed the Biobus content for currency and made recommendations for changes.

The outcome: Mobile bus interactive displays and short biotechnology film for school students.

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