Jane Ilsley

Jane Ilsley

Jane Ilsley

Role: Studio manager

Works: part-time, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Email: jane@econnect.com.au

Phone: 07 3846 7111

Between familiarising myself with the sandpits and yoga centres of Brisbane, I ponder how we can help people realise the relevance of science in their lives.


I moved to Brisbane from Scotland with my husband and two boys in 2011, armed with a PhD in protein biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh.

Science, to me, is so many things.

Science is research, science is studying the unknown, science is discovery – it is being able to answer my 5-year-old son’s questions about why his paper clouds won’t stay in the sky.

As a child, I clearly remember being puzzled and fascinated about how the human body worked and how everything inside fit together. My school drawings were often very creative representations of human dissection!

My fascination for biology continued through my school years, into studying a Bachelor of Science in genetics at Manchester University, and then my PhD in biochemistry in Edinburgh.

One of the most stimulating aspects of my PhD was trying to explain my work to family and friends.

That was when I realised I wanted to help narrow the gap between the science community and everyone else—especially when my family members would ask of my research: ‘What’s that got to do with me?’

Before coming to Australia, I worked in Scotland for 10 years as a science communicator and educator. I presented science shows to enthuse schoolchildren and developed research training for health professionals.

Eventually, my Australian husband said it was time to be on his home ground.

We arrived in Brisbane on Australia Day.


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